13 October 2013

The City

Day 24 & 25: The City/A Poem

I don't want to be here.
I want to be in the city.
It's fast and bright and dark and
night whenever you want it to be
there. Everyone's your friend,
yet no one says hello or goodbye. 
Don't smile on the tube. Just don't.

It's all happening in the city.
TV, films, jobs, money.
We'd better all go down there,
'cause we're missing out being anywhere else
and no one cares about you here.

Once you're in you're in. 
You can carry a briefcase then too,
grab a coffee for the commute.
Buy your £8 sandwich and smoothie for lunch.
Travel an hour to get back to your dream pad
and smoke in your living room. 

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