18 October 2013

Coffee Time

This morning I had an hour to spare before I started work with Suzannah, and so I headed to Coffee #1 in an attempt to wake up properly before our busy schedule.

I love having coffee time on my own. 'Elevensies' is what it is more commonly known as. When I was little it basically meant a glass of juice and some biscuits, but now, thankfully, I have fallen in love with tea and coffee.

I sat upstairs and was pleasantly surprised at how the space literally doubled from the downstairs area. I plonked myself on a super squishy leather sofa where I stayed for the next half hour or so, observed my surroundings and wrote in my notebook. 

It's nice to have a bit of time on your own, in a public place where other people are about. I like to people watch. I like to think. I like to make plans, replay nice memories in my head. I like to take my time and drink my coffee and eat my pain au raisin (which, on this occasion, had the most amazing custard swirled inside it). 

Somehow, all the stuff that's going on around you keeps you from getting bored, unlike if you were in your house drinking coffee and eating a pastry on your own. Jack Johnson was playing, some posh looking school boys were doing their work on a table nearby, some girlfriends were gossiping around the corner. It was warm and still, quiet but not silent, and exactly how it should be at coffee time. For me, it was perfect.

I often wonder whether we would all be better off if we all just slowed down. Life might not be so stressful then. We could all enjoy our coffee for longer.

Unsurprisingly, by the time it was time to leave, I was ready to get on with some work, and I had a good day, despite the best part of it being over.

Do you love coffee time as much as I do? I enjoy coffee with friends too, but every now and again I like it to be just the coffee and me.

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