18 February 2016

Anna Cake Couture – Clifton, Bristol

We found Anna on a wet, windy December afternoon. From the outside this boutique-like cafe looked tiny; just one table and two chairs, a small counter and a blackboard menu. I wasn't interested, but Sarah insisted we go in, and I'm glad, or I might never have discovered this absolute gem of a cafe. This is where I take all my friends and family when they visit. Everyone loves it.
Anna opened in Clifton village in November last year and has since become a hit with locals and visitors alike. The staff are lovely, enthusiastic and tend to your every need. They care about what they do and it really makes a difference to the overall experience. I like trying new things so I was pleased when the waiter recommended the white peony tea on my first visit. He described it as a lighter version of green tea, and it was truly delicious in its delicateness.

We sat in the hidden seating area at the back of the cafe and watched Anna's team work their magic in the kitchen, just metres from our table. It made me want (more than I usually do) to buy my own place and spend my days baking croissants, cakes and macarons.
If you're going to Anna for the cake (of course you are) then you'll want to get there a few hours before they close - they make everything fresh and it sells fast. I experienced first hand the disappointment of pointing at a lemon meringue tart only to be told it was sold. As if cake can be reserved!

A strong claim, but I'm making it: you won't find prettier, more delectable cakes in Bristol - or, perhaps the whole UK.
And the tea was special, too. It came with a timer and the hot water and leaves were kept separate - vital in preventing over steeping.
Banoffee layer cake
Chai macaron and chocolate & walnut cookie
Sarah noted that not many cafes get both their drinks and cakes right, but Anna excels in  both avenues. Having been to this beautiful little cafe on a handful of occasions, I can vouch for the fact that they provide both well made sweet treats and good quality tea and coffee, and I can't wait to try even more of their offerings.You can find out more about Anna here - they also make wedding cakes and offer classes in baking, too.


  1. I love heading into Clifton for coffee and cake and have walked past Anna a few times now - hopefully I'll find time to go there soon and sample some of that cake!
    Jennifer X
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  2. Oh wow. This is quite possibly the most beautiful collection of cakes I've ever seen. And your photography is lovely, I'm adding this one to my list of must-visit places when I move to the city at the end of the month!
    Lovely post xx


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