30 July 2017

Bread Meats Bread – Glasgow

It is a truth universally known that when visiting Scotland the diet goes down the drain. And a universally known truth I am happy to embrace once, maybe twice a year, because Scotland is the place where food is served with no second thoughts. It offers the kind of food that makes me sleep all afternoon, and in today's work-obsessed world, I can't resist a treat like that.

The whole family was up in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago for my cousin's wedding and a few of us went to Bread Meats Bread for a little post-wedding treat. Nothing can cure those end-of-holiday blues better than a burger, am I right?

But it was the poutine that stole the show. There was a bit of a Canadian theme running in my trip to Glasgow; Tim Hortons recently opened in Argyle Street and I was all over that. But back to the poutine:

I mean, it's not the best-looking dish but it tasted bloody great. Those squeaky cheese curds are where it's at. My brother had the raspoutine – the healer, an even bigger bowl of poutine with bacon and extra cheese. He barely made a dent in it – the portions here are generous. 

What makes Bread Meats Bread different is its rather extensive menu. Not only do they offer a lot – for meat eaters, veggies and vegans – they do it all very well. I first came here last year with my sister, Sarah, and we fell in love with the bacon fries. Everything else I've tried since has been spot on.

If you're in Glasgow (or Edinburgh) then Bread Meats Bread is definitely one to add to your list. I'll be going back to try some of their fried chicken, or even something from the vegan menu. Now that I'm back in Bristol, though, I'm readjusting to my regular, healthy (ish) diet – and my snug jeans. A treat is a treat, after all. 

12 July 2017

The Avocado Show – Amsterdam

I couldn't go to Amsterdam without visiting The Avocado Show. I mean, a cafe dedicated to the fruit (nut?) of our generation, where the colour scheme is pink and green, where Instagram dreams come true? I would have kicked myself til the end of time had I not gone.

On our last morning in the city we got up early and jogged down to The Avocado Show from our Airbnb. That's right, we went for a run on holiday, and I have to say it was my highlight of the trip. Exploring a new city by foot and tram was great, but to see it at the pace of a leisurely jog, while getting that rush of endorphins, was even better. 

The Avocado Show was everything I expected and more. The decor was absolute goals – greenery on the walls and pink velvet seating lining one entire side of the cafe – dreeeamy.

Elly and I had the avocado flower on toast with hummus and Rhi had eggs benedict. Everything was presented beautifully, which is obviously half the charm of this place, but it also tasted bloody delicious.

How the heck do they get all their avocados so perfectly ripe? Top marks from me. At €9.5 it ain't cheap but the whole experience was worth it, in my opinion. Also, our coffees came with mini avocado brownies!

And to top off a yummy brunch, the bill came with STICKERS.

This was one of the best brunches I've had in a long time, perhaps ever, and I will definitely be going back. But maybe they could open one a little closer to home? Say, Bristol? 

3 July 2017

Apple Pie at Winkel 43 – Amsterdam

I'm not long home from a long weekend in Amsterdam. In fact, I got back this morning, just as the working day began. I love having a day to chill after a holiday – it gives me time to think about where I've been and what I've done. This weekend I spent four fun days with my school friends, Elly and Rhi. We walked, wandered, and ate and drank a lot

One place I knew I had to write about as soon as we found it was Winkel 43, a cafe famous for its apple pie. Situated in Noordermarkt, Winkel 43 was a charming spot for regulars and visitors alike, serving up plates of warm, crisp, apple pie. With a constant queue and battle for a table – even outside in the rain – this is one cafe you need to visit if you're going to Amsterdam.
I still don't understand why some coffee is served in cups and some in glasses, but Winkel 43 pulled it off. Everything was fun yet simple – and the effort paid off. Imagine apple pie, tart and cake combined to make one uniquely delicious concoction – that's what Winkel apple pie was like. Buttery, sweet, salty, cinnamony, soft, crispy... I could go on, but you really must taste it for yourself.
As with everywhere else we went in this city, the service was friendly and quick, and everyone spoke English, of course. I'm always so grateful for that.

How can I attempt to recreate this traditional Dutch dessert? I don't think I'll stop thinking about it until I find out. I bet it tastes even better when it's cold out, so I aim to have it down by autumn.

Have you been to Winkel 43? What's your favourite Dutch delicacy? I have so much more of my trip to Amsterdam to share with you and I'd love to know if you have any favourites to share. Let me know in the comments below!
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