11 June 2017

25th Birthday Food

It wouldn't be right to celebrate my 25th birthday without an abundance of fantastic food. So, naturally, when 24th May came around, I ate my way around Bristol. I should probably mention now that actually, birthday celebrations begin at least one week before, and can last up to one week after, the day itself. Because why the heck not?

Souk Kitchen - Clifton

First up was Souk Kitchen. I invited my closest, bestest friends to eat my favourite meal (brunch) at one of my favourite restaurants, Souk Kitchen. I should definitely eat here more often; it's like Comptoir Libanais but 10000x better (not a chain) but for some reason I forget about it. I won't from now on, though, that's for sure.

I stuffed my face with the garlic and coriander field mushrooms on sourdough, wilted spinach, fried duck egg, pumpkin seed dukkah, tarragon and preserved lemon butter. It was pretty much the best thing I've ever eaten.

Lido – Clifton

On my birthday I booked the morning off work. The weather was beautiful; I really couldn't have asked for anything more than a slow start at home followed by breakfast at the Lido. Here I enjoyed a Portuguese tart to start (yes, starters are for breakfast, too), followed by smoked salmon and cream cheese on sourdough and a black coffee. I watched regular swimmers retreat to the bar after their morning dip for eggs and coffee, and I daydreamed about the day when I too would do the same. 

Cupp – Central

Best thing to drink on a hot (birth)day? Cupp bubble tea, obvs. I always have the peach iced green tea with passionfruit bubbles and it never disappoints. I sat in the park and soaked up the last hour of my morning before heading to work for cake and presents.

Chomp – St Nick's

This is the year of steak discovery. I've toyed with the idea of veganism but after visiting Chomp it's safe to say it's just never going to happen. I'm making my way around the cuts – fillet has been my favourite so far, but the flat iron at Chomp was delectable. Cooked medium rare and served with fries and peppercorn sauce, this was an outstanding birthday meal. Would recommend.

Swoon – Park St

The best ice cream in all the land! Even my Italian housemates say so. I love Swoon's unique flavours – chocolate sorbet is a firm favourite – but on my birthday I had an extra large helping of their peach variety. Soooo good, even when you think you can't eat another bite after dinner.

Brozen – St Nick's

More ice cream, because it's my bday! I'm a sucker for a good gimmick, and my first experience with liquid nitrogen ice cream was great – check out my review of Cardiff's Science Cream. I was SO excited, then, when I found out about Brozen in St Nick's market. A very friendly man made me a chocolate orange baby right in front of my eyes; from the little milk bottle in the fridge to the kitchen aid with a few magical puffs of liquid nitrogen, ice cream was presented in a cone to me, and it was delicious.

Anna – Clifton

If you follow me on Instagram you'll already know how much I harp on about Anna, but it's justified. Anna is such a treasure and even more so when there's something to celebrate. From left to right – passionfruit & coconut, red velvet cheesecake, chocolate, orange & carrot and another passionfruit & coconut because that's the best best best one.

Bar Buvette – St Nick's

Cheese board, charcuterie, asparagus and a grilled cheese sandwich in a peaceful French restaurant on a Saturday afternoon. It was so quiet, but I preferred it that way. Everything was excellent; the waiter with his tiny glasses and striped top, the presentation and taste of the food. I can't say any more – just go and see for yourself.

In between all of the above I ate Rococo rose and violet creams, pink cupcakes and chocolate and violet birthday cake. Decadent? Yes, but you only turn 25 once.


5 April 2017

Crumbs & Doilies – Cupcake Extraordinaire

Cupcakes are still a thing, apparently. What was once deemed a noughties phase is here to stay, and who am I to complain? Miniature – and miniature miniature – cakes topped with perfectly piped buttercream are still as appealing as they were in 2003, and when flavours extend beyond vanilla and chocolate I am so there.

Outside of my kitchen (and a few friends') there isn't a single cupcake worth eating in Bristol, but wander a little further – London, to be exact – and there are delectable offerings on every street corner. 

Crumbs & Doilies has cracked the cupcake industry. I found them on Instagram, of course, where anything sparkly, bright and uniform goes. C&D's Insta following stands at 197,000 at the time of writing, and it's not hard to see why.

A post shared by Crumbs and Doilies Cupcakes (@crumbsanddoilies) on

With shades of unicorn and cute childhood favourites like bourbon biscuit and my personal fave, maple and bacon, the guys at C&D know how to grab your attention. But, more importantly, they know how to keep hold of it. Their variations are constantly changing, and it's a treat for the tastebuds (and eyeballs) of anyone taking a trip to their bakery in central London. Get your iPhone ready for a series of snaps worthy of the most beautiful Insta feeds – you're gonna get a lot of likes on this one.

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And who doesn't want to see rows of identical peaks of pastel rainbow puffs? It's magical, it's edible and it's 100% accessible. But the question I'm asking is why only in London? It can't just be the capital, and its tourists, that want cupcakes. We've got Millie's Cookies, Ben's Cookies, Krispy Kreme and so many others dotted around the rest of the UK, so where are all the good cupcake shops at?

Maybe it's just me, and I'm being totally ignorant (likely), but I can't be travelling all the way to London every time I want a perfectly formed red velvet cupcake, can I? If there are some in Bristol that I have just totally overlooked, where are they? Show me your beautiful sponges! Or, dear Instagram, sort your algorithm out, yeah?

5 March 2017

Italian Brunch at Rosemarino – Bristol

Nothing beats a brunch-fuelled morning in Bristol. After a busy week I love waking up on Saturdays and spending my morning catching up with friends, indulging in something yummy for breakfast and sipping my coffee a little slower than usual.

Hidden among the idyllic Clifton houses is a little Italian restaurant called Rosemarino. It's unpretentious, homely and contemporary, and it's the perfect place to begin a slow, happy Saturday.

Jess was visiting a couple of weekends ago and we had a lot to catch up on. It was so nice to see her – the last time was when we were in New York! – exchange stories and reflect on the changes in our lives over the past year. Food and friends = perfect Saturday. 

Eggs benedict is a firm favourite of mine, but I often avoid it as most places serve it with ham and I prefer bacon. Rosemarino's take on this classic dish, however, involved speck, which is utterly delicious, so I had to have it.

Jess had the mushrooms on focaccia – would you just look at that sauce? Even if you hate mushrooms, let's just pretend for a minute that you don't because DAMN.

Rosemarino has the answer to all life's problems, I'm sure of it. Or maybe that's just how I feel after eating their food. Either way, I love the place. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and the food delicious and affordable. It's also pretty photogenic. What more could a girl ask for?

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