12 July 2017

The Avocado Show – Amsterdam

I couldn't go to Amsterdam without visiting The Avocado Show. I mean, a cafe dedicated to the fruit (nut?) of our generation, where the colour scheme is pink and green, where Instagram dreams come true? I would have kicked myself til the end of time had I not gone.

On our last morning in the city we got up early and jogged down to The Avocado Show from our Airbnb. That's right, we went for a run on holiday, and I have to say it was my highlight of the trip. Exploring a new city by foot and tram was great, but to see it at the pace of a leisurely jog, while getting that rush of endorphins, was even better. 

The Avocado Show was everything I expected and more. The decor was absolute goals – greenery on the walls and pink velvet seating lining one entire side of the cafe – dreeeamy.

Elly and I had the avocado flower on toast with hummus and Rhi had eggs benedict. Everything was presented beautifully, which is obviously half the charm of this place, but it also tasted bloody delicious.

How the heck do they get all their avocados so perfectly ripe? Top marks from me. At €9.5 it ain't cheap but the whole experience was worth it, in my opinion. Also, our coffees came with mini avocado brownies!

And to top off a yummy brunch, the bill came with STICKERS.

This was one of the best brunches I've had in a long time, perhaps ever, and I will definitely be going back. But maybe they could open one a little closer to home? Say, Bristol? 

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  1. Omg this is what dreams are made of! Your avocado rose looks so pretty - pleased it tasted good too xx


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