3 July 2017

Apple Pie at Winkel 43 – Amsterdam

I'm not long home from a long weekend in Amsterdam. In fact, I got back this morning, just as the working day began. I love having a day to chill after a holiday – it gives me time to think about where I've been and what I've done. This weekend I spent four fun days with my school friends, Elly and Rhi. We walked, wandered, and ate and drank a lot

One place I knew I had to write about as soon as we found it was Winkel 43, a cafe famous for its apple pie. Situated in Noordermarkt, Winkel 43 was a charming spot for regulars and visitors alike, serving up plates of warm, crisp, apple pie. With a constant queue and battle for a table – even outside in the rain – this is one cafe you need to visit if you're going to Amsterdam.
I still don't understand why some coffee is served in cups and some in glasses, but Winkel 43 pulled it off. Everything was fun yet simple – and the effort paid off. Imagine apple pie, tart and cake combined to make one uniquely delicious concoction – that's what Winkel apple pie was like. Buttery, sweet, salty, cinnamony, soft, crispy... I could go on, but you really must taste it for yourself.
As with everywhere else we went in this city, the service was friendly and quick, and everyone spoke English, of course. I'm always so grateful for that.

How can I attempt to recreate this traditional Dutch dessert? I don't think I'll stop thinking about it until I find out. I bet it tastes even better when it's cold out, so I aim to have it down by autumn.

Have you been to Winkel 43? What's your favourite Dutch delicacy? I have so much more of my trip to Amsterdam to share with you and I'd love to know if you have any favourites to share. Let me know in the comments below!

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