28 February 2016

Bar Lobo – Barcelona

Traveling makes me anxious. It's not the kind I used to get when I wasn't so sure of myself, it's more about not finding the best places to eat and drink. First world problem? Of course, but being fortunate enough to even visit Barcelona, I wanted to make sure I ate well and saw as much as I could in the short time I was there.
Jess and I banished the January blues with a two-day trip to this beautiful city. Sight seeing, eating and drinking in Barcelona was the perfect way to spend a weekend in what has been, in the past, quite a depressing month for me. Our first stop was probably the best of all, and it set the tone for what was the best city break of my life so far. 
Bar Lobo dispelled any fears I had about Barcelona's foodie scene. Its decor was light and leafy – much like my dream home – and its staff were friendly and efficient. We were seated straight away and served a basket of bread while we decided what to order – always a plus. 
I don't know why but when I'm in a hot country like France or Spain – even in January when it's not that much warmer than the UK – I am wont to order coca cola at any given opportunity. This craving surfaced as soon as we sat down and I cannot tell you how delicious it was when it arrived in its glorious glass bottle with an accompanying ice-stacked glass.
Jess ordered houmous and bread, honey aubergine crisps, chicken wings and I went for the fries, prosciutto and fried eggs. When the food arrived we decided to share as there was so much of it but there were absolutely no complaints as everything we ate was incredible. Our favourite: the honey aubergine fries. We've been craving them ever since – I really need to figure out how to make them at home.
Despite the enormous portions, we had room for pudding. With a cup of strong black coffee this was the creamiest, lemoniest, zestiest and fluffiest lemon meringue pie I've tasted outside my mum's kitchen. The only downside was the crust which was crumbly and soft, but nothing to whinge about. Lemon meringue pie is a dessert that is not on the menu often enough, and this is what I loved about Bar Lobo – just how vast and extensive their menu is. 

I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting the city, I know I'll certainly be returning on my next visit. And, take it from me, if you too suffer from anxiety when traveling, this place will sort you right out. Find out more about Bar Lobo here.


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