9 October 2013

Review - The Tavern - Cheltenham

A visit to Cheltenham is not complete without a trip to The Tavern, and my highlight of the weekend was going there for tea on Saturday night. It.Was.Amazing.

When I first discovered The Tavern I could not believe my tastebuds. How had I lived in Cheltenham for nearly three years and not been to this American gastropub, let alone heard about it? Since first visiting back in March I have been back countless times and tried a number of things off the menu - all of which have been of outstanding quality and taste. 

If you want good food but not the upscale price tag, try this place. It's extra busy on the weekend so be sure to book a table. The staff are friendly and inviting - everyone is welcome.

To start, we ordered some mini corn dogs. I was clearly too keen to eat them before taking a photo, and quite rightly so. I had never had corn dogs before but have always wanted to try them. They were sweet, fluffy, and the little sausages inside were so cute. The chilli mayonnaise made a great accompaniment.

My dad ordered white bait - tiny little fish that had a really strong fishy taste - delicious.

After much deliberation, I decided to go for the cider pulled pork & beetroot slider with a side of slaw and french fries. I had this on my first visit to The Tavern and it was seriously good.

While we waited for our food (it didn't take long) I took a couple of photos. Not sure about this stuffed bird behind our table...

I love how you can see the kitchen and smell all the food being cooked. It is evident from the taste of the food that it is all fresh, but seeing it adds that extra satisfaction.

Angels sing. Second time round and the cider pork slider did not disappoint. It was juicy and warm. The bread was soft and easy to eat - you know sometimes you get those burgers that are sandwiched between a hefty roll seemingly sawed in half? Yeah, not that.

I cannot stop looking at this. The pulled pork was indescribably tasty. The cider flavour was apparent but not overpowering, and the beetroot added a special zing. I could eat these every day.

My dad and Bethan both ordered the beef burger which came with slaw and matchstick fries.

And my mum ordered something which I will DEFINITELY be getting next time - the burnt end mash.

Creamy, buttery, saucy, beefy, cheesy - just a taste sensation. I could have eaten this alone and been satisfied. Next time I will.

Cute little corn in a dish of oil and herbs.

The Tavern is not the place to go if you're on a diet, but you're allowed a treat every now and then. There was a woman on the table next to us who ordered the burger without the bun, slaw and salad instead of fries... Each to their own, I suppose, but I think I'll stick to my Dirty Mac n Cheese, fat infused sliders and melt in the mouth mash.

Have you been to The Tavern? I should also mention their breakfast - it is AHMAZIN. All round excellent food and relaxed atmosphere. Lovely! You can check out their website here for more information, location and menus.

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