8 October 2013

Review - Breakfast at Frankie & Benny's - Cheltenham

On Saturday morning Bethan and I decided to go out for breakfast. At just £5 for anything on the breakfast menu, and an extra £1.50 for unlimited tea or coffee, we couldn't say no to Frankie & Benny's. Don't turn your nose up just yet.

We ordered our tea and coffee - and I was pleasantly surprised when I was served a freshly made, strong Americano. £1.50 is less than what you'd pay for a one off coffee in any other shop in town so I was impressed.

Even before we'd looked at the menu we knew what we were having. Bethan: the full english minus the black pudding (shudder).

Me: the maple and bacon pancake stack.

I was SO happy with this dish. The bacon was crispy, streaky and salty, and there were six rashers altogether, sandwiched in between three buttermilk pancakes and smothered in maple syrup with a pot of extra syrup on the side. Now, that is how you do pancakes.

The only thing I would say is that the pancakes were a touch on the chewy side, but the other components were so good I really didn't care. I would definitely order this again.

The service was ok. The waitress wasn't the happiest but she was attentive at the start. However, she was replaced with someone else half way through our visit and none of the staff looked like they wanted to be there. Understandable on a Saturday morning but it would have been nice to be greeted with a smile. 

Despite our less than brilliant service, we were pleased with our breakfast at Frankie & Benny's and would definitely recommend it and visit again. Have you been to Frankie & Benny's? It's not my favourite place to go for lunch or dinner but for breakfast it's not bad at all.


  1. I have been dying to go out for breakfast for ages but nobody will go with meee *sob* pancakes are my absolute favourites! xx

    1. It is the best meal to go out for I think! You could always make your own pancakes with bacon and syrup ;) xo


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