3 October 2013

Coffee at Costa - Birmingham

You can't go shopping without stopping for a coffee break. Well, that's my motto anyway. Rhi and I were looking for somewhere a bit different, but all we wanted was some coffee to re-energise, and ended up going to Costa.

You can't beat a small black Americano. That creamy, caramel coloured foam on the top.

 Or a giant Bourbon!

Utter amazement.

It tasted pretty good, too. However, it was surprisingly rich and I only managed half of it. So, this is a biscuit for sharing. Who'd have thought?

There is a new Costa opening in Abergavenny which I am very excited about and will be visiting as soon as possible. I would definitely choose to go to Costa over Starbucks or Caffe Nero... I think it's their array of sweet snacks that I like: giant biscuits and mini muffins, and not at ridiculous prices. I also find it is a lot more relaxed and homely in Costa, and the staff in this particular branch were lovely.

Where is your favourite place to recharge on a busy shopping day? I think another one of these will be in order this weekend when I head to Cheltenham for the Literature Festival - it's going to be a busy one.

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  1. We always choose Costa or Cafe Nero! Starbucks is a little overrated and expensive. I always want to try a giant bourbon but I'm currently trying to be "healthier" (boring) ugh.


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