26 October 2013

Snuggle Sundays

Sometimes, all you need is a day off from life. It's hard being you - you know it's true. Life is too busy. Forget all your worries, forget your usual routine and have a snuggle day. Have it on Sunday and you'll be relaxed and ready for the coming week. I am posting this today so you can reschedule any plans you may have made for tomorrow and make time for a snuggle day instead ;)

Sunday used to be my most hated day of the week - back when Monday mornings meant school, work and following a routine for the next five days. Thankfully, I am o-v-a-h education, and Sundays are now my favourite day of the week. I renamed them Snuggle Sundays when I started university and soon enough that justified staying in bed ALL DAY, staying in either your pyjamas, severely comfortable loungewear or a onesie ALL DAY, ordering pizza from your bed, and only getting up to go to the toilet or answer the door for the pizza guy.

Me & my friend Cloey enjoying pink milk in our onesies
Now that I have finished uni, my Snuggle Sundays are a bit more civilised; I actually get out of bed and set foot into the outside world, but afternoons and evenings are always reserved for a good ol' snuggle. 

Note: snuggling does not necessarily require two people. I have been spending my snuggle days pretty much alone for the past two months and they are just as excellent. Just be sure to stock up on the blankets, chocolate and trashy DVDs.

 The best snuggle buddy you could ever ask for.
The best Snuggle Sundays involve a nap, yummy food, and then a nice bath before bed. I'm not suggesting do this every Sunday. Actually, what am I saying. Of course I am. Yep. One day - or half day - a week reserved for snuggling. It's the best way to chill out. Try it and thank me later.

For the ultimate Snuggle Sunday, you will need:
  • Snuggle buddy (optional)
  • Onesie/pyjamas/loungewear
  • Blanket
  • Bed/Sofa
  • Food of your choice - I recommend pizza or a roast
  • Snacks of your choice - I usually go for chocolate, or milk and cookies. Mmm.
 What you won't need:
  • Make up
  • A shower
  • Energy   
Sleep til three. Don't get dressed. Don't brush your teeth. Or do, if you want. Put on your favourite party dress. Go to church. Do whatever you want!


  1. I took your advice on this one and only left my bed to get food and juice today, and coincidentally I was also wearing a onesie!

    1. Excellent work! Hope you enjoyed your Sunday ;)


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