13 October 2013

AW13: Shoes for Under £40

Autumn and Winter are my absolute favourite seasons and every year I seem to go all out and get myself a new pair - or two - of shoes. I'm not one of those girls who has hundreds of pairs of shoes. I'm not obsessed with them as much as a lot of women. To me, they aren't the main part of an outfit, (neither is the bag but that's another topic entirely), but I do like boots and shoes for Autumn and Winter, and keeping my feet warm, comfortable and stylish is important to me, and I'm sure to you as well.

I try to buy things that are versatile and will go with most of my clothes. I'm not a big fan of jeans but as the colder months draw nearer I find myself digging out my one pair from my drawer and pairing them with the two boots featured in this post.
However, I prefer to wear thick leggings, skirts or dresses with tights (thick or thin depending on how chilly it is) and I have been wearing these three pairs of shoes with all my outfits.

I bought these boots way back in January from Urban Outfitters in the sale. They were about £35 reduced from something well over £100, and as they are real leather this was a real bargain. They are actually by a brand called F Troupe and the quality of these boots is outstanding.

They needed a few wears to soften them a bit, but they are beautiful and work during the summer months too with a pair of denim shorts. I have not protected them with anything so I wouldn't wear them in the pouring rain as they will stain, but they are certainly very sturdy, comfortable and I can see them lasting me a long time.

These black suede boots are incredibly comfortable. The sheepskin lining goes all the way inside the boot making them super warm and soft - absolutely perfect for those freezing cold winter days.

I love wearing these with tight fitting dresses/skirts and my leather jacket, or a pair of leggings/jeans and a top. These are from Dorothy Perkins and cost just £32. I paid just £25.60 with my student discount but even at full price they are worth the money. I didn't even need to wear these in because they fit like a glove the first time I wore them. Absolutely love these boots and I'm so glad I got them.

I have been after a pair of patent loafers/brogues for quite some time now, but I just cannot justify spending £100+ on a pair of Russel & Bromley black patent leather shoes while I am unemployed (Christmas present - yes please).
However, I spotted these gems in the Dorothy Perkins sale for £15. With my 20% student discount they came to just £12. I have to be careful not to scuff these or be too rough with them as the quality isn't the best, but for what I paid for them they are brilliant and I love them paired with my skirts and dresses for a smarter look during Autumn and Winter.

Even though the shoes featured in this post aren't exactly waterproof, I love them for keeping my feet warm and comfortable. I do like to invest in a sturdy pair of boots every year and if they last more than one season then it's a bonus - but for under £40 these shoes and boots are excellent value for money.

What are your AW13 shoe picks? Do you splash out on your footwear or search for the bargains and change it up every season?


  1. Love your blog Naomi and how varied it is. I also look forward to reading your creative writing pieces each day.

    1. Thank you so much! Really means a lot and I'm glad you enjoy it. I also love your blog, seriously, the photos are just stunning xo

  2. P.s. nice shoes too! The sheepskin style ones look very cosy.

  3. These shoes are lovely! I particularly love the brown pair, they remind me a little of pocahontas shoes! So sweet!

    Lots of love, Alex from Bambella Blog xxx

    1. That's so true - they do look just like something pocahontas would wear :)


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