2 October 2013

My Friend, Autumn

Day 21: Go outside. Sit on the porch, in the garden, or at the beach, and write about nature.

It is too wet to sit outside, but I took a stroll through the park on my way back from town. The sodden leaves sealed to the ground like a stain glassed window, and it made me want to make my own. Stick Autumn all over my bedroom walls and keep it forever. 

It rained all of last night and throughout this morning. Rain is my closest companion after God. Rain sings me to sleep and it sounds like a lullaby when played along with my favourite songs.

I dreamed of a black dog last night, vicious and volatile. It kept biting me. My family refused to get rid of it. We had to keep this unsettling creature. I was always on edge. But I woke up and it was gone, and the rain was still there, a gentle reminder of reality. 

The colours of autumn comfort me. Something within me is drawn to them. I don't like things that are too bright. Autumn is subtle, it is relaxed and does not rush you. It is not demanding, or angry, or harsh. The sun filters through trees and glows on cars and roads and grass. It is not blinding like Summer and Winter.

Fresh air is great medicine. Walking home from a night out, it sobers you up - or so it seems. The morning after, trudging to the shop to buy hangover snacks, a whipping wind can awaken and refresh you. It is like sleep - another natural medicine. My Grandpa talks to me about these simple remedies. He says it is wonderful how a wee sleep can make the world of difference to how you are feeling. 

My friend, Autumn always comes around. It never stays as long as I want it to, but all the excitement of Christmas, and baby arrivals and Birthdays and trips and new jobs comes with Autumn, and memories are better than moments. The temperature calms to a comfortable coo, and it's when it's quiet that I think of you.

The best and worst things in life are free. Love, loss, family, friends, enemies. Nature, seasons, natural disasters. To experience life without pain, suffering or anything 'bad' would be a life unfulfilled. What would life be without all that bad? But good can always be found even in the worst situations. You just have to look for it. Look for it in nature. Look for it in Autumn. Autumn is my friend. Don't hate it for taking away Summer. Summer left on its own accordance, and it'll be back soon enough.

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