1 October 2013

Fashion in Birmingham - The Bullring's 10th Birthday

WARNING: This post contains a lot of photos!

As mentioned in my previous post, while I was in Birmingham I spotted fellow blogger and beautiful model Sam from A Model in London at the Bullring's 10th Birthday Fashion Show, hosted by The Saturdays' Mollie King. It was such a treat to see this and although I didn't get to meet Sam personally I was so happy to get these photos of her. She looked incredible. Here are my favourite shots from the show:

 The stunning Sam all in red.

This model wore a few items that I particularly liked - I just have to find out where the skirt and coat are from. However, I wouldn't put the two together. When you're a model you can pull pretty much anything off though ;)


I LOVE this outfit. I'm not a huge fan of bright colours. I prefer darker shades and sometimes just wear all black. However, this outift adds a just a pop of colour to a predominantly wintery look, and I would wear all of it.

Big fan of this outfit. I have recently purchased my own tartan skirt for A/W but just love this one and must find out where it's from. The bag and coat are also gorgeous. Just cannot get enough of autumnal colours. I love this season.

 The skirt is what attracted me to this outfit. The cut and pattern are so interesting, and the colours suit the model's skin tone well - but not sure if it would work on pale me.

Another check pattern sported by the beautiful Sam. I'm thinking because she's pale and rocks it, perhaps I can too?!

This guy gave the photographers a smile at the end of the catwalk and I fell in love. Also, that coat is beautiful. Still not over sheepskin.

 Where do I find myself a model boyfriend?

This isn't a look I'd wear myself but was still drawn to it. Actually love that jacket, and body con skirts are growing on me...

Grey is probably my favourite colour, and I want a shift dress just like this one.

Multiple shots of this outfit because it was my favourite favourite favourite look on Sam and she looked amazing.

Mollie's head got in the way of quite a few shots. However, we can still appreciate the beauty of this outfit worn by the absolutely gorgeous model. I want those tights.

More coat envy.

I have to say, after Sam, this model was my favourite, and this outfit was one that caught my eye. I am way too into the tartan/check look. It could get out of control.

 This model reminded me of Taylor Momsen before she went weird. So cute!

Another absolute favourite of mine. Love those trousers, the coat, all of it. Oh gosh.

Cute boys, again. Wearing cute boy clothes.

I've been on the lookout for a black fur jacket like this one. I don't need all these coats, really.

1920s look with Great Gatsby soundtrack playing = very now. I loved it. I love the 1920s style, I love The Great Gatsby, I loved the finale of this fashion show. It was awesome to see Sam and by the end both Rhi and I decided we wanted to be models. If only.

What do you think of the looks in this fashion show? Are you as obsessed with autumnal colours and the tartan/check patterns as I am? Let me know in the comments, and send me links to your fashion posts. I know a lot of my readers are fashion bloggers and I'd love to read more about A/W13 trends.

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  1. aha that's true about that Model, she really does remind me of Taylor Momsen!


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