7 October 2013

Old Stories.

I realise I have missed quite a few days from this challenge, but at the end of the 30 days I will post the missing days. Getting back on track, here is Day 26: Write about the 30th picture on your phone or computer. Write about the story behind it, or make up the story behind it.

Hot July mornings on the grass green hammock, overlooked by strangers who know me from hanging out the washing and playing with my rabbits, barbeques with friends and picking herbs.
I'm supposed to enjoy reading now. There is nothing stopping me. Short stories are best if you have a short attention span. I don't know why I do. 

The book was a 21st Birthday gift from someone close to me, someone who knew me better than anyone. We used to laugh at Eggers' craft. Our favourite: When They Learned to Yelp. It was like sharing my soul - and eventually losing a part of it - opening up to another human being in that way. Letting them hear every thought in my head, telling them my secrets - everything - only to have them leave, taking it all with them.

At least Eggers was my discovery. A recommendation from a University lecturer. He was my favourite writer at one point, but now I don't have one, because I'm constantly changing. I try to read as much non-fiction as fiction, because no one is teaching me anymore. There are lessons to be learned in every story you read. Without words, what would communication be? 

Reading is hard work, sometimes. Especially when it is something you did with someone who is no longer in your life. But you find new words, and write your own.

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