1 October 2013

Take Me to Japan

Day 20: A place you want to visit.

I fell in love with Tokyo 
when I watched Lost in Translation
last summer, when I was alone
and lying on our old bed in our old flat
in that old town.
Maybe it was Scarlett Johansson that did it. 
Maybe I was happy.
Either way, I'm going. I want 
to experience another world. 

I have been inside for too long. 
I want to try the food and see 
the lights and the people
the way things are done
how the language sounds 
spoken in every day life. 

I don't want to go alone, but 
I don't know who will go with me. 
I will go, though. 


I don't know anything about the place, just
that it looks like a city of jewels and endless 
intrigue. Like everything that is far away.
Like moon and stars and clouds.

Maybe I will be lonely, maybe 
I will be lost in translation, 
but I am drawn to Japan. 
I want to travel, and this 
will be my final destination - 
the place I want to visit most.


  1. I love Lost in Translation, it's one of my favourite films! I'd love to go to Tokyo too, it looks like a wonderful place. And your writing is so good! x

    1. Excellent film, isn't it? Thank you so much! xo

  2. I'd love to visit Japan one day! xx

    1. It looks like the most incredible place! One day... :) xo


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