12 October 2013

Creative Writing Catch Up - The Ocean

Day 17: The Ocean

Each wave lapse rhythmically against my ankles. The tide is coming in and my soles are sinking deeper. I contemplate traveling. I wonder what is on the other side.

The ocean is an American word for the sea. It sounds more romantic - 'the ocean' - it has just one meaning. The 'sea' can be mistaken for words like 'see' and 'ci.' It loses its significance, but isn't it one of the most significant things on earth? 

"It's physically impossible to drown yourself," I said to James.
"Yeah, but, if you like, have weights on you and you swim so far down into the sea you won't be able to swim back."
"So you can drown yourself."
"Not by your own will."

The sun was like a kiss on my skin. I smiled up at it, squinting. I took photographs of my friends, happy to observe, to let the water take me in deeper with every wave.

"Watch, there's a jellyfish about," a fat woman said, wobbling out of the water.
"Thanks," I said. I put the camera away and rinsed the sand out of  my jelly shoes in the shore.


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