26 September 2013

The Road Goes Ever On

Day 15: The road goes ever on

Waking up is the worst part. Untangling the mass of dreams to distinguish between fantasy and reality on a wet, white morning can be the confusing start of a cosy day spent inside with the fire or a long, thought filled day at work hammering fingers on keyboards, blocking out drivel about meeting targets in time for next week's targets and the week after that's targets.

Some split their days into units like that guy in About a Boy. It's satisfying to plan things out, make lists, tick each item off, or draw a line through each one. Some psychologist might know more about that.
Nobody talks about what's wrong. Yet this is what almost everyone has to say on the matter:
"Talk to someone." 
Where to start? There's breakfast, work, targets, meetings, appointments, small talk, texting, tweeting, Facebook status updates, comments, likes, drinks, dinner, tv programmes, sleep. Is there any time for talking?

The road goes ever on, the impossible distance that is time and life. Wandering from one day to the next. Wondering if there is anyone else who spends as much time thinking, and why is it so quiet and lonely when there are a thousand voices talking to you? 

Books are read, films are watched, meeting friends, taking pills, contemplating God, going on. Appetites come back, laughter isn't feigned, new thoughts replace the old. Then, one day, waking up is not the worst part. It is just a part. Another unit of the day. And the road that goes ever on is an adventure to be embraced.


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