15 September 2013

Review - Bagels & Skyscraper Sandwiches at The New York Deli - Cardiff

On Friday I met Bethan in Cardiff for the day where it POURED with rain, but we took shelter in this ahmazin' sandwich shop in the high street arcade. 

There are some real gems hidden away in the arcades in Cardiff. Somehow I never knew The New York Deli existed until a year ago when my brother took me there. I instantly loved the place thanks to its authenticity, generous portion sizes and laid back atmosphere.

If you get in at the right time you'll miss the queue, but be prepared to wait up to twenty minutes(!) for your sandwich because this place is a real hot spot at lunchtime. Every time I have visited, it has been super busy - but I promise you it is worth the wait.

I love American themed food/drink, especially when it's done well. Snapple = Y-U-M.

So much choice! We spent about five minute deciding what to order.

After changing my mind about five times I ended up making a combination of my own: pastrami, swiss cheese, gherkins, tomatoes, spinach & horseradish on white rye bread. Bethan chose a cinammon & raisin bagel with cream cheese and honey - it tasted like an actual cheesecake.

So much meat and cheese - what's not to love? My sandwich was stuffed full of fresh and tasty ingredients that made my tastebuds and tummy very happy. My favourite component was the gherkins - sweet and crunchy, they were unlike the usual vinegary gherkins you get in a jar and they just made the sandwich for me. The horseradish acted as the glue of the sandwich and it certainly added a bit of a kick, and the tomatoes and spinach were my way of incorporating some goodness into my lunch. It was SO yummy and filling.

Next time I'm thinking I'll order the American Club Sandwich or a hoagie of some sort... but they really are huge. Just check out the photos on their Twitter and Facebook pages! 

Will you visit The New York Deli?

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