29 September 2013

Fried Chicken - What's Not to Love?

Day 18: The taste of your favourite meal.

Don't worry. My favourite meal doesn't taste like an obese bunny rabbit sitting on a rock. I just thought this image was mildly amusing and conveys what I might look like if I ate chicken in oatmeal every day. It is so delicious though. I'll tell you why.

It's the sauce that holds the most flavour. It's made in the frying pan and it is creamy and mustardy and lemony. It goes with the fried chicken in oatmeal. The sauce is the best bit. It's always good to make too much.

Sarah describes chicken in oatmeal as a beige meal. In terms of colour, she is right - it isn't the most colourful dish, but in terms of taste, it goes far beyond the colour of a standard carpet. It is a myriad of varying flavours, textures and temperatures that delight both the tongue and tummy - isn't that what good food is all about?

I refuse to believe that this meal is unhealthy because the chicken is fried. As long as it's homemade and fresh, it's fine. I have never actually made this but my mum is the expert and she makes it to perfection every year for my Birthday. I LOVE IT.

Mum whisks up an egg wash to dip the raw chicken fillets into after they have been floured, and then coats them in oatmeal. Just regular oats - the ones you use to make porridge or flapjacks, I think. She fries them and then pours the sauce all over them on your plate with some boiled potatoes and veg. Really though, I could just eat the chicken. It is never undercooked, never too dry. Even when cold, it is delicious.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of my favourite meal BUT trust me when I say it's a finger lickin' chicken lover's dream. Maybe I'll have a go at it myself soon and post the recipe... It's definitely worth sharing.

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