3 September 2013

Review - Brunch at 'The Cross & Corner' - Edinburgh

I've been saving the best 'til last in my 'Edinburgh series' - if you could even call it that. It felt like I had visited hundreds of cafes and restaurants while I was there but I just seemed to spend hundreds... Ah well, it was worth it. If only for this place. Oh my goodness. The french toast, the bacon, the maple syrup. Even the drinks were beautiful. And the decor. Oh my.

The Cross & Corner - which I was sure was called 'On The Corner' (?!) - is in the new town in Edinburgh, just a few minutes walk from The Other Place which I reviewed here. It is a fairly new food-based pub which was opened by independent pub operater The Shilling Group.

Nothing matched. I loved it. Whoever decorated this place needs to come to my house in a few weeks when my bedroom is being re-done.

I completely fell in love with that teal paper weight. At 21 I think I'm a bit young to be obsessing over interior designs and products, but seriously, this place was gorgeous, and for me, certainly play a large part in deciding whether I return for another visit.

I loved how our orange juice was served with big orange wedges bopping on the surface. I've never had that anywhere else in Britain before and I thought it was really cute. 

Of course I had to have my black Americano. I wish I had a coffee machine. I want coffee with that caramel-coloured foam on the top every single day.

Mmmmmm. This is doing terrible things to me. I've just had lunch and I'm ready to travel seven hours back to Edinburgh to have this again. I suppose I could try and make it myself, but just look at it. That is a work of art.

How did they make that bacon so crispy yet so perfectly and evenly cooked?! It was thin and salty and a bit like pancetta. Yum. 
Usually I have to ask for more condiments. I like lots, but there was just the right amount of maple syrup for both of us. 
By the way, the staff were lovely. They let us sit and chill for ages while I wrote my postcards. It was a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and if I lived nearby I'd find it hard not to go every Saturday/Sunday morning. 

The Cross & Corner is just off Eyre Place and Canonmills in Edinburgh, and brunch is served on weekends only. They serve baps with various fillings, granola, eggs benedict, eggs florentine and other yummy breakfast foods as well as a daytime menu.

Where is your favourite place to go for brunch? Or are you a breakfast in bed kinda person on the weekend? Let me know in the comment box below or tweet me @hello_flower. I love hearing from you all.


  1. Oh I'm in love with that place just from the photos alone, and your write-up just makes me want to go even more!

    1. It is definitely worth a visit if you're ever in Edinburgh! :) xo


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