20 September 2013

Hangover Breakfast.

Day 9: Think of any word. Search it on Google images. Write something inspired by the seventh image. 

Of course I googled breakfast.

You remind me of two great full English breakfasts I had: one was just over three years ago, the other was, errm, the same year actually. Wow, my only two memorable full English breakfasts were in 2010, a particularly unforgettable year all round, actually. That was the year I finished school, fluked an A* in my English A level (still proud), and went a bit 'crazy' - well, crazy for me. I think I had more boyfriends that year than ever in my life up to that point, and beyond, and I can't even remember how many that was. Whoops. It's okay - I'm pretty boring now. When you're eighteen you're allowed to make those mistakes though. And you're allowed to eat cooked breakfast without worrying about getting fat. Mm mmm.

Speaking of fat, we all love a bit now and then. Don't get bogged down by those diets that tell you everything must be fat-free/sugar-free. That's just a recipe for a hungry tum and ultimate sadness. Every now and then we must indulge in a cooked breakfast, whether it be a full English, French toast or some yummy pancakes with blueberry syrup.

Anyway, back to you, glorious plate of steaming hangover curing goodness. 

So neat how the beans are in that little pot avoiding contaminating the sausage and egg. Top marks.
Funny how I describe this dish as a hangover cure, when I don't think I have ever eaten this to aid a  hangover.
My biggest and best hangovers were in 2010/2011 - freshers year. My flatmates and I devoured bacon and egg sandwiches then spent the day as duvet women/men watching the entire series of Summer Heights High. We pretended to whinge about how bad it sucked to be poor, ill students.

I like breakfast at any time of the day. Lunch, afternoon snack, Sunday evening tea time. It is SO important to get the timing right. Probably why I've never made myself a full English.
I think I'll stick to the pancakes. It's the food festival this weekend and I'll get to try some ahmazin' food in town while I work two ten hour shifts, but next weekend I'll have a bit more free time to cook something like the above photo - maybe. 

Do you have a cooked breakfast on the weekend? What is your favourite hangover cure? This turned into more of a non-fictional blog post than day 9 of the 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge but it was inspired by the image nonetheless!


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