11 September 2013

Review - Cream Tea at Gentle Jane - Grosmont, Monmouthshire

I will never say no to cream tea. Ever. I had this for my lunch a few weeks ago when my Grandpa came to Wales. It was the best cream tea I'd had since my afternoon tea at The Angel, Abergavenny. I put butter on my scone too. Yep, butter AND clotted cream. We got a badass over here.

I felt like I had stepped back in time when visiting Grosmont. It is a quaint little village near Abergavenny with a traditional post office and shop that sold postcards, sweets, and everything you might have found in a post office ten or twenty years ago. It was lovely to see that these things were still going strong, if only in the very small villages in the more rural areas of the UK.

My dad said we had to go and visit the castle first before sitting down for a coffee. Yawn, I thought, but it turned out to be a picturesque and fascinating little adventure.

We walked up the hill and admired the remains of the incredible castle. 

My Dad and Morag climbed to the top and I began to follow them up, but chickened out as it was super high up.
On my way back down I found this marking in one of the stone bricks:

I don’t know what it means but I thought it was pretty cool, and considered the idea that it might have been engraved in that stone for hundreds of years.

After that we went down to Gentle Jane (yay). Gentle Jane is a bed and breakfast as well as a tea room on the main street of the village. We sat outside where there was a view of an old church and graveyard. It was a warm day, and the atmosphere was still and pleasant, despite a horrible amount of wasps bothering us.

We ordered coffees, hot chocolates and a few scones to share, and Grandpa wrote his postcards.

The service was very friendly and genuine. It's nice to visit places where the staff make proper conversation with you and don't just repeat their rehearsed terms and phrases with every customer.

This was what I had been waiting for. I loved the unique touch of raspberries on the side. It was absolutely amazing and even though I was full afterwards, I could probably have scoffed another...

I will definitely be ordering the same again if I ever re-visit Gentle Jane. Are you a fan of cream tea? If you want more information on this place you can check out the Gentle Jane website here.


  1. WOW! I'm like you, I just CANNOT say no to cream tea! I even craved clotted cream when I was pregnant.

    This whole day looks lovely.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    oOo Becky oOo

    oOo BKY Bubble oOo Bubbles Of Babbles About Bits And Bobs

  2. I adore cream tea too! Yum :) this looks like such a pretty location too! Had a read of your recent bagel post too, so much good envy!!xxx


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