13 September 2013

Pigs & Pork - A Trip to the Salting Stone Farm Shop - Raglan, Monmouthshire

A couple of weeks back, my dad wanted to go to the Salting Stone Farm Shop because they were having a special taster day. My sister Emily and I went along with him and got to try some of the roast pork with some bread and chutney, FOR FREE (yum), as well as have a little nosy at some cute piglets and their Mum.

When we got there, one of the piglets was getting some milk from his mum while the others lazed around in the dirt. It was so cute and I was surprised at how clean the pigs were.

Soon after they came tottering along and followed the mother around - and towards me and my camera :)

My best friend Bethan loves pigs so I know she'll appreciate this post. I think they are adorable.

Dad and Emily munching on the roast pork. *Salivates* 

I have tried lots of the meat from The Welsh Pig Company and I have to say their sausages are AHMAZIN' and by far my favourite.
I also love the ham and pork. My dad likes the trotters (ew).

There were SO MANY WASPS. I don't know why but they were just everywhere. We had to escape and go home to have our roast that my mum was working hard on, and it was dee-lish.

We have to go by car to get to the Salting Stone but it's worth a visit if you're in the area. Everything is fresh and trustworthy, just like you'd expect any farm shop to be. The Salting Stone Farm Shop is open on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays in Raglan, Monmouthshire. You can check out the farm shop website here and The Welsh Pig Company website here for more information and specific opening times.

Do you have a local farm shop you like to visit? Or do you prefer to get your meat from the supermarket?

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  1. oh my god those piglets are adorable!!
    (I'm ignoring the fact that you posted pictures of pork after the cute pictures...) x


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