24 September 2013

Super Smooth - Soap & Glory

Last Christmas I got my first taste of the much raved about Soap & Glory in the form of the Clean On Me shower gel from a friend, and I was instantly won over by its scent, purpose and ability to make my skin feel super smooth. Since then I have purchased, received and loved many more S&G products and for that, my skin has been SO grateful.

I've always been a bit lazy when it comes to shaving my legs and never really bothered with the whole exfoliate, shave and moisturising lark, but recently I have found myself getting into the routine of using my Soap & Glory products to get my skin looking, feeling and smelling good. All for the sake of pampering myself.

The Breakfast Scrub is my favourite out of all my S&G products because it smells like FUDGE. It says on the lid that it's a maple scent but it just reminds me of my favourite fudge shop. It's so hard not to eat this stuff, seriously. It is also really therapeutic to use (if a bit numbing on the hands). I rub it all over my legs, paying particular attention to my knees because I find that is where the dry patches and dead skin collect (gross).

Then I use a loofer and four pumps of Clean On Me shower gel. It smells fruity but sweet at the same time and I love it. I started using this 500ml bottle in January this year and I'm only coming to the end of it now. I promise I do shower, but this stuff just lasts for SO LONG. It's excellent and I will definitely be repurchasing when it's completely finished.

When I'm out of the shower I slather my arms, legs and body with The Righteous Body Butter until it has all absorbed and I smell like a human marshmallow.

The Soap & Glory Hand Food smells like the body butter and shower gel and will be a handbag staple for me this winter - my hands get so dry and cracked and this stuff really works to soothe and soften them.

Do you like Soap & Glory? I used to be a bit skeptical about the brand because of the packaging - it made me think that the actual product might lack something but I have loved every single one of the products I have tried so far. My skin feels a lot softer, smoother and I am so pleased that the products do exactly what they promise.

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  1. I was in Boots the other day and walked past the Soap and Glory section. I was actually thinking about the Breakfast scrub but after reading your post, I'm glad that I didn't decide to get it because I hate fudge! aha. The hand food smells great though :)


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