21 September 2013

Private Number Calling

Day 10: The Interview.

I'm settled down for the morning with my cup of tea and the third series of The OC loading on my laptop, when my phone starts bloody ringing. 

Private number calling.

What. Oh, hang on. Just, pause this a second. Oh, gosh. Who is that? Answer it. No, send it to voice mail. Answer and I'll have to speak - say something I didn't think about - didn't plan - uh... Send to voice mail and I have to listen to the message and ring them back. Whoever it is anyway. Could just ignore it. Could pretend changed number. No, that would be wrong. No. More complicated. Ok. Need to make a decision.

They ask for me.
Yes, speaking.
They're ringing to remind me that I applied for a job at their company about two months ago and do I want to come in for an interview tomorrow morning?
Yes I'd love to. Thank you so much.
They tell me they'll email me the address and they'll see me tomorrow.
Great. See you tomorrow. Bye!

Tomorrow morning. What was the company's name again? What was the job I applied for? Quick. Google search maps. Newport. Hmm. Close to the train station though. Good. Might as well go. Might as well. Can make cookies in the afternoon. Can have a lie in the next day. Can Sky+ This Morning and Friends and watch them when you get home and... Oh for goodness sake. Go to the interview. Go.

Hiya, I'm here for an interview with -
They ask me to wait.
Ok, thanks.
They come down to meet me.
Hi, nice to meet you. I'm - 
Great, have you traveled far?
Not far. 
Good, good. Let's get started then.

Ten minutes later, five rehearsed question and answers later - you know the ones - and I can let go of the tension in my shoulders and back, feel the sweat against my shirt, say goodbye and thank heavens there's a breeze outside. The nice walk home. Stob by at Tesco for a snack. I deserve a treat after all that. Who cares if I get the job or not. Who cares. I can deal with being unemployed a little longer. There'll be something better just around the corner. No matter. Never have to see them again. Forget about it. Forget it. Just go home. Just go and -

Private number calling.

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