15 September 2013

A Conversation

Day 4: Dialogue only, please. 

Why can't I hear you?

You are deaf.

Why can't I see you?

You are blind.

But I can hear and see other things.

Am I a thing?

Why does everyone else have it easier?

They don't. You're being self-obsessed.

I want what they have.

Go and get it then.

I can't.

Why not?

I have no job.

You'll get one.


When you get one.

But what about now?


What about what's going on in my head?

Do more.

I try.

Read more.

I have been.

See more.

See more what?


I see.


I wonder why, in a world of over 7 billion people, there are only a handful - not even that - who you regularly think about, and are affected by. 


No, not you, obviously.

I hurt too.

Yes. I don't know why I - sorry.


And we always come back to you.

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