5 September 2013

Mince 'n' Tatties at Moyra Janes - Glasgow

After my adventure in Edinburgh I headed over to Glasgow to visit some family. It's always a treat going to Glasgow - I have lots of memories there and I absolutely love the city.
On one of the days my Grandpa wanted to go out for lunch so we met my aunty and cousin down the road from my Grandpa's flat at a place called Moyra Janes. 

According to my Grandpa, Moyra Janes used to be a bank. Its exterior is certainly deceiving as when we stepped inside I was wowed at the use of the space and the pleasant decor.

There was such a large choice on offer that it took us all a while to decide what we wanted. In the end I chose the most Scottish dish on the menu; mince and potatoes, AKA mince 'n' tatties. Sounds a bit 'blah' but it is really good comfort food and it just tastes yum like no other.

Usually I only eat this dish when my mum or aunty cook it - I have never known a restaurant/cafe to serve it, but I was pleasantly surprised by Moyra Janes' version. It came with a choice of baked beans of peas. I chose peas to be somewhat healthy - vegetables aren't something Scots specialise in. It was so tasty - you could tell it was homemade - and the portion size was just right for me.

Have you ever tried mince 'n' tatties? Even if you're not Scottish or familiar with the dish it is worth trying, especially now that Autumn has come along! Will you visit Moyra Janes? You can find it at 18-20 Kildrostan Street in Glasgow.

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