17 September 2013

DIY Storage Solutions: Jewellery, Make Up Brushes & More

When I moved home from university I had a massive sort out of all my stuff and when it came to my jewellery, make up and spare change I wanted a practical, cheap and attractive solution. This is what I came up with:

I found all these items in the house and I think the end result is so neat I want to share it with you all.

On the left is a Bonne Maman jam jar - you can use any jam jar you like but I like Bonne Maman because of the shape of the glass and the red and white checkered lid. The wrapper came off in the dishwasher but I think it looks nicer without it anyway.

In the middle is a Nutella jar. I am known to go through jars of Nutella like there's no tomorrow. I love the stuff, and so I decided to keep one aside after I had scraped out the last remnants of the gloriously nutty spread and reuse it in some way.

The glass bottle was originally a soft drink of some sort - I can't remember what, but I got it from Waitrose and it was only a couple of pounds.

I like to store my lip products in the jam jar because I can see all the colours through the glass and I don't have enough to justify buying one of the lipstick holders that a lot of people rave about - plus, it was cheaper!

I used to have separate jars for my small and large brushes, but it took up too much space and I thought why not just bung them all in one - it works just fine. I pop this up on my windowsill in the bathroom where they are easily accessible.

You can't really tell but there is a bit of spare change in this Nutella jar. I wanted to cut out a little slot in the lid to create a truly authentic money jar but I don't have a sharp enough knife to do that and I'm a little apprehensive about using a kitchen knife. For now it works just fine the way it is and I love it. I keep this on my dressing table along with my other money jars - this one is especially for my silver coins.

This is probably my favourite of all my DIY storage solutions. This is the concealed glass jar bottle! I filled it with old jewellery that I don't wear very often but don't want to throw away, then rolled bangles, bracelets down the body and at the very top my favourite scrunchie. I like this because I can see where all my bracelets are and it is just the right height for them all to fit perfectly.

I use one of the jam jar lids as a tray for my every day jewellery bits and pieces. Every night before bed I pop off all my rings and necklace into this lid so they don't roll about on my dressing table and get lost.

What do you use to store your bits and bobs? I have yet to buy any specific storage for mine, but I prefer my recycled jars :)


  1. I love this! DIY storage is always amazing and gives you something to talk about.


  2. I love the last two ideas, thanks for sharing!

    1. They're pretty neat aren't they? I wanted to take photos of them on my dressing table but the light wasn't so good! xo


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