4 July 2014

What Naomi Wrote Gets a Makeover

It's been nearly a year since I started What Naomi Wrote. Back then, I had no idea about designs, headers or buttons. I just wanted to get stuck in, so I got my friend Carrie to design a header for me because even I could see the simple blogger template was ugly. Recently, however, I thought it was about time for a change, and I wanted to inject a bit of colour without going overboard – for me, it's about the content of the blog, not what it looks like.

During an #lbloggers chat on Twitter a couple of months ago I saw Jasmine tweet about a deal she was offering for a full blog design for £15. I knew I would never find the time to learn how to design my own layout, so I paid my £15 and Jasmine began to work on my new blog design.

I'm so glad I got someone else to do it for me. It was a stress-free process and she kept me informed the whole way through. She was very quick, and patient when I kept changing my mind about fonts and colours.

It's a simple design, but I only really wanted to add some colour and change the fonts and let the content speak for itself.

I now have all the social buttons on the side bar too, so you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin and via email.

I am still tweaking bits here and there – soon I will have a categories page so food, thought and beauty posts will be more easily accessible, but I'm happy with the redesign and feel it reflects what my blog is all about as it continues to grow. I'd recommend Jasmine's designs if you want a nice, simple design for your blog and don't want to spend a fortune – I honestly don't know how some people can spend hundreds, even thousands, on one. You can check out all of Jasmine's blog design offers here.


  1. Ahhhh I noticed your beautiful new blog design the other day! I love the simplicity of it but I also adore the little subtle splashes of colour here and there :) It's looking a lot fresher and suits you perfectly :)

    Claire xo

  2. Glad you like your design, thanks for including my links in this post! It was a pleasure working with you xo

  3. i love it Naomi! very fresh and pretty. x


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