2 July 2014

Shake Shack – Covent Garden

If you don't like burgers, I've found the cure. Before Shake Shack, burgers just weren't my thing. Somehow, the doorstop, bland patties topped with equally flavourless salad, sandwiched together with a great hunk of a tough, doughy bun didn't wow me. They were messy and difficult to eat, and the side of fries made the whole double carb thing make me feel like I'd explode at the end of it all. Burgers were just another hyped up thing that weren't actually that good.

But I had seen and drooled over pictures of burgers from Shake Shack, In n Out, and various otherson Rosie's blog, Full Fat Fridays. I wondered if I had just been going to all the wrong places for burgers. I wanted to know why everyone else seemed to love them and I didn't. I had to try what big burger fans call a 'dirty burger' because they looked easier to eat, juicier and smothered in that wonderful fake cheese, instead of too-rich cheddar which should be reserved for grilled cheese sandwiches and dipping in Branston pickle.

Finding a place to sit down to eat in Covent Garden on a Saturday afternoon is no easy task. Everywhere was rammed, and we spent agggges deciding where to go, and despite both our uncertainties about burgers, Ellen and I decided to give Shake Shack a go.

This is where it got confusing. Shake Shack's system needs a bit of a shift around. In theory, it works, because it does for every other fast food restaurant. But they haven't quite got the hang of it here. Not everyone knows the menu like the back of their hand just yet, and hungry customers shouldn't have to join three separate queues in order to get their food.

Ellen went to queue up for a table, while I was thrust towards a till (by the only friendly waitress I encountered during our visit) where I had to make the very rushed decision on what to order, having been given the menu only moments earlier. In a state of panic I ordered two Shack burgers, fries, water and an iced tea to a woman standing at a fast food style till. In hindsight, I wish I had ordered one with bacon, and cheesy fries... but that's a lesson learned for next time, (or something for Shake Shack to take on board?)

You'd think after having to order so hastily, the food would be served just as fast. Unfortunately not. We waited around ten to fifteen minutes for our burgers and fries, and Ellen's water was missed off our order. The staff at the pick up hatch (where you go to collect your food when your device starts buzzing) were stressed and their customer service was rehearsed and robotic. I guess it's not their fault that the branch is so awkwardly located where no one knows where to queue or what to do, even.

Fortunately, the food made up for the dodgy service. My mind was changed about burgers the instant I sunk my teeth into this one. It was juicy, easy to eat and down right delicious. 

The bun was soft and sweet, the lettuce and tomato fresh, and the cheese melted into the patty. Just, wow. How every burgers should taste.

And the fries were pretty tasty too. Although nothing to rave about, they made a great side to our burgers and we polished them off no problem. The taste reminded me of Burger King fries but these were thicker, and the crinkle cut shape gave them extra crunch.

The iced tea was exactly that – iced tea. In my head iced tea is sweet and fruity. In reality it is literally just tea that has been iced – so I'm a bit unsure why I paid near enough £3 for this. Still, it was refreshing and went well with my food.

I managed to eat my burger within what felt like three bites. I wanted another one straight away. For £5, a cheese burger made with good ingredients is a bargain, but I was still hungry afterwards, so next time I'll pay an extra £2 and go for the double burger.

Have you been to Shake Shack? Where's your number one place for burgers? I'll definitely go back here because the food was great, but the service and system of ordering needs improving before it gets 10/10.


  1. I quite liked shake shack too, but thought it was a little overpriced for what it was, especially after trying many other burger places since. It's good though! your photos reminded me of that ;) next time you're in London, you have to try Patty & Bun or Honest Burgers - my two favourites in the city x

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Patty & Bun is on my list for when I visit in October. I'll have to check out Honest Burgers too. Mmmm.
      N xo

  2. I'm staring at that patty smothered in cheese, mmm! I haven't tried Shake Shack yet and I actually was never really into burgers before about a year ago when all these burger places popped up! Give Patty & Bun a try, it's probably my favourite so far!

    1. I think a lot of people feel that way towards burgers, myself included, and it's a shame because there are some real good ones out there. Definitely go to shake shack and try one!
      N xo

  3. I love love love Shake Shack their cheesy chips are to die for! xx



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