25 July 2014

Happy Friday at The Swallow Bakery - Cheltenham

I never used to pay much attention to the days of the week, but now I finally know what it is to have that Friday feeling, and I love it. I think I'm growing up. The student days are over! (Thank goodness).

Is it warm where you are? I drove to work at the crack of dawn and it was beautiful. The sun was spilling through the gaps in the trees and onto the fields, its golden light filtering through each blade of grass. Ever since I was little I've thought how nice it would be just to go and lie in one of those fields.

I love making the most of these summer days, eating breakfast, lunch and tea outside and indulging in ice cream. It's perfectly acceptable to eat it every day when you're on holiday, so why not treat yourself at home? It always tastes better in a cone.

I got my chocolate ice cream at the Swallow Bakery in Cheltenham a few weeks ago with my friend Chloe (I'm blogging about it now because I finally got my camera - and photos - back). The Swallow Bakery does the best ice cream in town - as well as some amazing milkshakes, sundaes and other cupcakes. It's my go-to place on spring and summer days when I'm visiting my university town and I highly recommend it for the food, service and gorgeous setting on the promenade.

You can find out more about the Swallow Bakery here. Enjoy your ice cream and have a happy Friday!



  1. You are SO pretty miss- life isn't fair! That ice cream looks delicious- I am getting obsessed with diff flavours over summer, I had amaretto last week xxx

    1. Amaretto flavoured ice cream sounds amazing! I had an affogato at Zizzi with amaretti biscuits to crumble over the top - coffee, vanilla ice cream and those biscuits = heaven.
      And you are so kind! But you are beautiful too you know.

      N xo


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