14 July 2014

Morning Fuel at Tinderbox – Glasgow

I can't figure out why I love shopping. I don't spend lots of money on stuff, but I enjoy wandering around cities I have known forever, and finding new places to enjoy. I spent the weekend in Glasgow visiting family, and it was the most relaxing break. Every day I use a computer, so it was wonderful to leave mine at home and spend time with people and see things.

On Friday I spent the day in the city centre, doing a bit of shopping for a camping trip next month (August is going to be the best month) and awkwardly admiring trainers (I do not fit in in sports shops). But like every time I go shopping, I have to find somewhere good for breakfast first.

I wandered out to Ingram Street, a ten minute walk from the city centre, to find Tinderbox, (a place Grind My Beans raves about). The place was fairly empty, but buzzing nonetheless. The staff were busily making coffees, stocking up the fridge for the day and chatting away to each other in their bea-utiful Glaswegian accents.

Of course I ordered an Americano, but it took me a while to decide what to eat. If it hadn't been 9am, I would have picked a slice of the jaffa cake, but pastries are (obviously) more breakfast friendly. I eventually chose a pain au raisin, the best kind of pastry, according to the cute guy serving me.
If you're on a budget, Tinderbox is your next stop. I paid about £3 altogether, the coffee alone coming in at £1.65.

I could see an upstairs seating area from the bar, but it wasn't until I walked to the end to pick up my coffee that a whole seating area around the back was revealed. I sat down at a small table and took in everything around me: a latte art wall of fame, notice board, gorgeous furniture (am I old and boring for saying that?) and quirky wallpaper. The atmosphere was chilled but vibrant. It was nice and quiet, but I can imagine it fills up quickly as the day goes on, and even more so on weekends.

A Smiths-esque soundtrack with hints of Florence and the Machine and Shura complemented the gorgeous interior, making the whole experience beautifully uplifting.

Do you ever feel like running away as soon as you step inside some coffee shops? Tinderbox was so wonderfully unpretentious, a refreshing change from the usual 'hipster' hangouts. I felt welcomed and at home. The staff were so friendly, but who isn't in Glasgow?

But back to the food and drink. The coffee was strong, hot and perked me up, but I think I need to break the habit of ordering small – I always end up wanting another one. I think one day I will have to venture into the world of milky coffee so I can get a nice picture of the latte art. 

The pastry was full of juicy, sweet raisins, but I would have liked a bit more custard in the middle (Coffee #1 has yet to be beat). Having said that, Tinderbox is way up there with Timberyard. I loved it there. I can imagine going back with a group of friends and spending an afternoon playing board games and people watching out of the enormous windows. 

If you're ever in the area, pop into Tinderbox and see for yourself just how great this place is. I know I'll be back again soon. You can find out more about Tinderbox here.



  1. Aww you were just up the road from me! Well about an hour away ;) Glasgow is one of my very favourite cities. I am a bit like you, i love shopping, but sometimes its enough just wandering about and sitting having a coffee and people watching - just taking it all in. I don't mind if i come home empty handed! I have never heard of this place though, but it has been a while since i have been up and properly visited. Next time i do, i am going to have to give this a go.

    Lots of love xxxx

    1. I did not know you lived in Carlisle, Sally - I had to change trains there on the way home!
      You absolutely must go here when you're next in Glasgow. I only wish I lived closer so I could go more often.

      Naomi xo

  2. I love the lights and deco it's gorgeous, and it looks great for my bank balance. How have you been hun? I've missed you xxx

    1. It's one of my favourites and I'll be going there every time I visit the city now : )
      I've been ok thanks, Jessica. Had a nice break from work and computers last weekend when I visited my family and now I'm getting ready for August - my month of adventures!
      Hope you're well xoxo

  3. cute cafe! i dont like spending much either, but walking around and browsing is very relaxing

    1. I loved it - wish there were more cafes like this elsewhere! Maybe there are... And I just need to seek them out.
      N xo


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