27 May 2014

Turning Twenty Two

On Saturday it was my birthday. I had a lovely day, spent with friends eating and drinking lots of good food and drink, and even getting a little nap with my best friend Bethan while watching a cheesy film. My family came over to celebrate on Sunday so the fun was extended over the bank holiday weekend which was lovely.


Everyone is smitten with baby Olivia. On my 21st Birthday, she was just a tiny dot in Emily's tummy, and now she's all big and cuddly and it makes me so broody! She wore a very special party dress with rabbits all over it

She even wrote a little message for me in my birthday card.

For my birthday meal I asked for my faaaaavourite – chicken in oatmeal. It's basically fried chicken in an oaty coating, served with a lemony, creamy, mustardy sauce, potatoes and vegetables. Sarah calls it a beige meal, but I love it.

Napkins – Tiger, Cardiff.

My mum makes a beautiful fruit salad.

Then it was time for cake, made by Emily.

It was speckled mocha cake, and it was absolutely divine. The best mocha cake I have ever tasted. It's a Mary Berry recipe, and definitely one to keep for other celebrations.

I was so spoilt with lots of lovely gifts – it was a birthday weekend to remember. I feel fortunate to have had two brilliant weekends in a row and I hope it's a sign of many more to come. I'm kind of glad to leave twenty one behind, and I can't wait to see what twenty two has in store. Thank you to everyone who made my day special


  1. Aww a b-lated lovely. The cake looked divine! Thanks for sharing your special day with us all. :-)

    1. Thanks Chelsea : ) it was so yummy! Worth making.
      N xo

  2. it sounds and looks like you had a wonderful celebration, I'm so glad! i hope 22 is a great year for you, i'm sure it will be - very exciting :) x


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