9 May 2014

The One – Bacon, Brie & Cranberry

This is the one – the sandwich I will forever wonder how I spent the first twenty years of my life without. Bacon, brie and cranberry – why was I denied of this sweet, sweet combination for so long?

It's just not right, if you haven't tried this. And it's just not fair. So, seeing as it's Friday, go down to the shop and get yourself the ingredients for a big fat bacon, brie and cranberry sandwich. You deserve it.

I used to think brie was a really weird cheese that I never wanted to try, only quote from 10 Things I Hate About You... That must be Nigel with the brie!

How wrong I was about such a deceptively beautiful thing. I go through phases of eating ridiculous amounts of cheese, and to put this into context, I recently cut back on dairy and now try to only drink almond or coconut milk, hardly eating any cheese, but last weekend I bought a triangle(?) of brie – by Tuesday it was finished, so had to buy some more on Wednesday, and, two days later, it's nearly gone. When melted, with crisp salty bacon and sweet tangy cranberry, it is the best thing to put in a sandwich EVER.

I'm not fussy about brands or expensive cheese, really, but I was in M&S when I had this sudden craving for my favourite sandwich, and their cranberry sauce is really good. There are no big lumps of cranberries, it's not too sweet or jelly-like. It's very smooth - perfect for my sandwich.

I found some sourdough bread in the bread bin and it was the best type of bread for this sandwich. I toasted it slightly (I don't like it too crunchy) and it was nice and soft and crisp and delicious.

I'm hungry.

Ok, that's enough now. I think I took about ten more photos of the same sandwich, just to get every angle, you know? It was perfect. It was (and still is) the one. What's your favourite sandwich?


  1. ok, that is actual heaven. i adore brie, obviously i love bacon and there is nothing better than that sweet and salty combo. i need to make this as soon as possible! x

    1. It is my absolute favourite combination! I am so happy to have discovered it - truly, food makes me happy.

  2. Oh my god this looks absolutely heavenly, I hope I have the will power to make one xxx

  3. How have you never tried this before?

    Bacon, brie and cranberry is actually a match made it heaven - I'm drooling right now.

    Hmm maybe...


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