12 May 2014

Loving: Shura

It's a rare occurrence when I find a musician I really like. I don't mean for that to sound ostentatious, because it's my own fault really – I'm not very good at seeking out music, I don't really get it, I just want someone to show me where all the good stuff is hiding. So when I do discover music I like, it's music I really like, and recently I have been loving one particular new(ish) artist.


I almost ran to my car after work. It was dark and the whirring sound of the stand alone flood light filled the desolate building site with a harsh whiteness. When I was inside I was ok, and I put the radio on, even though it's rubbish after 6. None of us like working lates, and I only had... twelve hours til work again.

Still, at least the roads were quiet. Such an old person thing to be happy about. I'm an old person now. I'm a grown up, driving home from work.

It was some southern accent talking 'like' and 'um' on someone's show on Radio 1. I don't remember who. But they began describing a song they had picked to play. It was described as like seeing an ex boyfriend or girlfriend after a long time, and feeling that forgotten, familiar pang of... something, like it had never really gone away, only hidden, and back in your face again it was there – as raw as it was when you said goodbye.

Then they played the song. The song was Touch by Shura, and everything that was said was true, and I fell in love with the song, not because it made me think of my own experiences, but because it was a beautiful song on its own – I forgot all about the initial memories that came to mind when the lyrics came out of the speakers for the first time. I drove home repeating the words Shura, Touch, Shura, Touch, Shura Touch, to make sure I didn't forget. But I couldn't. It made its way into the cove of my mind where few songs rarely reach – where only the best songs go, the ones that really touch me.



  1. i love when you stumble across a song that speaks to you like that - going to have a listen to this x

    1. It's soothing to my soul! The melody is just beautiful. Hope you like it x

  2. I've never heard of her before, but I listened and it really has something special.
    Loving a song or not is a very interesting process. I can love a very wide variety of songs and could listen them over and over again when they make me remind of something or make me relive a special moment. The place or the time I hear a new song also has a big impact on my love for the song. The song must mean something to me, it doesn't matter if it's my genre or not :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  3. I've been so terrible with finding new music, so this is perfect when someone recommends something.

    Loving this song too!

    Hmm maybe...


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