23 May 2014

Mountains, Bunnies & Babies

Take a sunny, warm day, a walk (half way) up a mountain, friends, family and some fluffy rabbits and it's guaranteed I'll be happy. Last weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying all of these things all in one day. It's true what they say y'know – you can't buy happiness.

So this is where I live(!) Abergavenny is surrounded by mountains, (or hills, if you're a mountain snob), and when summer comes around we take any chance we can to enjoy the views we are so blessed with. This photo was taken from the canal on the Blorenge – the biggest 'hill' in Abergavenny – and the mountain in the distance is the Skirrid, arguably the one with the best views.

After church on Sunday I went for a walk with my friends Kerry, Steve and Austin. We were going to climb the Blorenge, but I was just about dying after five minutes uphill, so we just went along the canal instead. Time to get back on the couch to 5k/30 day shred?

We went back to Austin's afterwards and got to see his fluffy bunnies! This one is called Simba (love) and he is the fluffiest bunny I have ever seen. He is so soft and tame and I love him and want to steal him.

So much love for Simba.

And Mabel! When I got home I was all set for an evening in the hammock with a book, but then my sister and brother-in-law were having a BBQ so I got in the car and drove to their house to cuddle Baby OH and my favourite lion head bunny, Mabel (and see Emily, James and my parents of course...)

Little muncher.

Look how much baby OH has grown. She is now four months old and changing so much every time I see her. She is so perfect and cuddly.

When I went to work on Monday I felt like I had had a week off, the weekend seemed to go on and on, which is rare when you find yourself having so much fun. I hope this weekend is just as good as it's my birthday tomorrow – I'm gonna be 22 and I can't wait! What did you do to make the most of the lush weather last weekend?


  1. What a cute bunny and baby! Beautiful location!

    Lets keep in touch and follow each other on bloglovin! I always follow back!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from www.ElleCharie.com

  2. Naomi their beautiful pictures, your soo amazing!! :) lovely area too! Will have to come down more often :) xx


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