21 May 2014

A Nostalgic Breakfast at Red Pepper – Cheltenham

On Sunday, 19th September, 2010, I left home to go to university. I was on the verge of tears all day, and I just wanted to get the goodbyes over with so I could cry in my room, pull myself together and go and meet the people I was living with. I ended up in the awkward scenario of crying in front of all my new flatmates while saying goodbye to my mum and sister...

Anyway, we had to stop for lunch before that all happened, and we chose Red Pepper, a lovely little bistro which, in the three years I lived in Cheltenham, became one of my favourite places to eat. 

But on that Sunday I wasn't hungry. We sat in the basement and I watched people walk along the street above, hardly touching my burger. I wondered why I was there. I felt like I would never be the same again. I knew in that moment that it was a day I would remember forever, that it was the start of a big change in my life, and in under 24 hours I was smiling again, and after one week I was caught up in friendships and a romance that helped me settle in and forget all those scary feelings. I went back to Red Pepper for another burger a while later, and I ate the whole thing.

I love going back to Red Pepper. Every time there's a new memory, but the first will always be the most prominent. To add to the nostalgia I was already feeling during my visit to Cheltenham at the weekend, Bethan, Sally and I stopped off at Red Pepper for breakfast. I have only ever been for lunch, but the breakfast menu looked just as good.

We ordered tea and coffee to wake ourselves up. I love when coffee has the 'creme' on top. Mine was hot and rich and so good after a night of cocktails.

Sally and Bethan ordered the full English breakfast. They said it was really fresh and non-greasy. I tried some of Bethan's bacon and it was reeeeeally good.

I wasn't up for a big meal though, so I ordered a warm croissant with butter and jam. The butter was unsalted (always good) and the jam was soft and spreadable (again, good jam). The croissant was a bit on the small side, but it was warm and crispy while soft on the inside, and pastries are one of my favourite things to eat at breakfast.

So, it seems Red Pepper is good for breakfast and lunch. Now I just have to go there for dinner. Anyone fancy it?


  1. I hardly ever go out for breakfast in fact I don't know if I ever had, it looks delicious! Is it weird i never got home sick? I think so maybe...haha xxx

    1. Oh you must, it's the best. I always have to eat something before I go though, so it's more like brunch... Or morning coffee? Haha
      N xo


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