13 March 2014

Thankful Thursday

Good things have happened this week. Last night I went to sleep content. The days fly by when you're happy, and these days are gone before I know it. Weekends come back around like they never left.

An opportunity came up at work this week for me to write for one of the magazines we publish. This means I get to review my favourite cafes and restaurants in Monmouthshire and have it published with my name next to it and everything. I am so excited and thankful, and I can't wait to see my work in print.

People who brighten my day with a smile, or even just their presence. When I find myself looking forward to seeing them, it makes me thankful to know such wonderful people, and excited to get to know them even more.

Looking after soft, cuddly, fluffy kittens. Although I can't have one of my own, I am thankful to know a few, and be able to see them on a regular basis. Pets are so lovely.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Well done on the new job opportunity... it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun!



    1. Thank you Lauren. It's something I already love doing in my free time so it's exciting!
      N xo

  2. Congrats on becoming an antie!! She looks so precious!! Babys are little miracles, a true gift from God!!



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