5 March 2014

For the Love of Cake – Abergavenny

There's something about Sundays – they have a certain feeling about them. When I was younger I hated them. The day would go on, empty and long, filled with the horrible anticipation of a week at school before any fun was to be had again. 

It's a different story now, I suppose. There is still a week of hard work to endure, but being a grown up means I can do more of what I want – like visiting cafes and cake shops without being told I'm going OTT (which I know I probably am, anyway).

I soak up every last minute of relaxation on Sundays to prepare myself for the week of work. A good Sunday leaves me feeling rested and content. Recently, I've been having lots of these, and last Sunday was particularly good.

I've been meaning to go to For the Love of Cake for ages, but it's quite intimate, and therefore only suitable for certain meetings with certain people, like my two sisters and niece(!) 

It's always sleepy on Sunday in Abergavenny, so there weren't many people about, but the cafe was full when we went in (granted, it is tiny), and although a little cramped, it was more than made up for with the drinks and service.

A shop window lined with cakes in glistening jars on cake stands is enough to lure me in. I was more tempted, however, by the drinks menu. I went for something different for once and ordered the caramel cappuccino. Then the waitress asked me if I wanted cream on top.

Why don't all cappuccinos come like this?

Sarah and Emily ordered hot chocolates – Sarah with the works, Emily without. We shared a caramel flapjack and caramel shortbread but it was all a bit too much caramel for me and I was happy with just my caramel cappuccino. Little Baby OH slept soundly in her pram and we enjoyed the Sunday afternoon of warm sugar and comfort.

What's your favourite way to spend Sundays? For the Love of Cake is the perfect Sunday afternoon location for coffee and a cake, catching up with an old friend or a lunch out – if you can bag yourself a table.


  1. It's 4am and I am now sat with a rumbly tummy after tempting food and gorgeous photos :( wah! xxx


  2. There are so many lovely cafes and cake shops in the UK. I'm getting really jealous about that! One of the reasons why I love England :)
    Glad that you had a lovely day out with your sister and your niece!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  3. I used to hate Sundays too, I remember when I lived at home I used to sit all afternoon in such a sulk! We always head out for cake on a Sunday as well, even if it's just to Costa or somewhere, we take magazines and just sit there for a while enjoying the peace and quiet.

    This little place looks gorgeous x


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