12 March 2014

Loving: Milk & Cookies

What can cure a broken heart, a bad day, a falling out, ANYthing bad, better than a glass of milk and a cookie (or two)? 

This pair can solve a lot of problems together. They're pretty powerful like that. Ice cold milk and warm, fresh cookies. It's one of those great gifts God gave us to really, truly love.

Chew, sip, munch, swallow, all in the mouth of a happy, ok, sad or content person. Things feel a little lighter then.

Is there anything better? Let me know what you think. I have found my one and only. Nothing will ever compare to the comfort in milk and cookies in bed, watching a trashy (or educational) TV programme. In this case, Grey's Anatomy, a show I have started to watch out of sheer desperation (although I am actually enjoying it) as I am now caught up on all the episodes of Girls (woe of the week – why can't I write like Lena Dunham?)

Milk and cookies should be enjoyed alone, in the crunchy noise of your mind where you can hear control the chomp of your teeth on the cookie and cringe at the clank against the glass of milk. It takes total dedication and awareness to fully enjoy and appreciate it, to make it last – the whole experience.

So, get your jammies on, whip up a batch of cookies (or chuck some Marylands in the microwave for thirty seconds, I won't tell) and enjoy some good old fashioned comfort food. 

I used Joy the Baker's recipe for these cookies (I omitted the nuts). If you haven't discovered her blog yet, go and look at it right now! Some of the best recipes EVER are on her site, and she has a book too. It's very good.


  1. mmm this looks totally delicious, I haven't had 'real' milk in ages I'm on soya, and a glass of cold milk would be perfect right now! I haven't seen any of girls.. am I committing the crime of a century here?! Lovely post miss xxxx

    1. Oh it's so yummy. Nothing compares to an ice cold glass of cow's milk, although it's very bad for my skin! I wish I could just stick to almond milk.
      And yes, I think you are. Girls is so good!
      N xxx

  2. I don't think I've ever actually tried milk and cookies together (weird eh?!) ...I never actually think to pour myself a glass of milk and whenever my boyfriend does it I'm a bit like "ARGHHH we needed that for cereal" .. might give it a go x

    1. I know some people who are like this! I love milk though. Not a huge fan of drinking it on its own, unless it's a milkshake, but it's one of my faaaaaves.
      N xo


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