10 February 2014

Word of the Week

Last week I learnt lots of new words. I love that I can do this while working, and get paid for it. I have finally started keeping a notebook and pen with me so I can write down all the words I don't know straight away. I would love to be organised enough to arrange all the words I learn into alphabetical order, but seeing as the list is ever-growing I don't think there would be much point anyway...

My word of the week is 'quash' — I love the way it sounds and I don't know why I haven't come across it before. Is it an old word? It makes me think of the word 'squash' and, in a sense, I suppose that is what quash means.

Quashverb (used with object)
To put down or suppress completely; quell; subdue: to quash a rebellion.

What is your word of the week? Would you use 'quash' in every day conversation?

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