25 February 2014

Ben's Cookies – Bath

Last Friday I was asking my friends at work where they recommended in Bath, and the number one place everyone told me I had to visit was Ben's Cookies.

I have a friend called Ben. We only met once but he's someone I'll stay in touch with (I hope). He's one of those people who makes me laugh out loud with his snap chats and the things he says are spot on. I like knowing people like that. Anyway, I thought of him when I found Ben's Cookies. Imagine a cookie shop named after you. 'Naomi's Cookies' doesn't have the same ring to it though.

Apparently they sell the best cookies ever. I wasn't skeptical, but I know a recipe for really good chocolate chip cookies, so I had a little bit of doubt in my mind about whether or not these would meet my expectations. But they were really good!

I walked straight from Colonna & Small's to Ben's Cookies (it was coffee time again) and got there ten minutes before happy hour ended, wahoo!

A coffee and a free cookie came to £1.80 which is pretty good considering a cookie on its own weighs between £1.30 and £1.50. That being said, having just tasted the most delicious coffee at Colonna & Small's, Ben's Cookies coffee, by contrast, wasn't great. It may well have been the plastic cup it was served in, but after a few sips I had to throw it away. I don't like to be wasteful, but, meh, I couldn't drink it. The cookie was great though! More about the cookie...

I was so totally overwhelmed by the sheer choice, I went with my gut and got what I'd make at home – dark chocolate chunk. What makes these cookies stand out is how fat they are. They are so thick! I love a flat and chewy cookie, but I have always wanted to try a cookie that's chunky and filled with chocolate. I'm guessing the added ingredient is some kind of raising agent like bicarbonate of soda, but who knows? I wasn't thinking much about that when I ate my cookie. I saved it for the train journey home and it was sooo worth it. Next time I think I will have to buy a box.

What's your favourite cookie recipe? Have you visited Ben's Cookies? I don't know why I hadn't been here before, considering how much I love cookies, but I have been and it was a lovely little treat after brunch and before lunch... There must be a name for that.


  1. I went to Ben's Cookies on Carnaby Street in London a few weeks ago, best cookies ever! I did a little video on my trip on my blog (www.luciescorner.blogspot.com)

    1. I'll check that out – I have definitely found the place to go when I need a cookie fix :)

  2. WoW....all I saw out of the whole post was "cookie happy hour!" Seriously! Gotta love cookies!

  3. Cookies!! It looks delicious, with chunky chocolates and all :'O

    1. Chunks are so much better than chips! xo


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