23 February 2014

Gifts for Girls – February Glossybox

For Christmas I got a six month Glossybox subscription, a surprise in itself as I had no idea what I was getting, but each month I am surprised again with a box full of beauty treats and I love it.

My third box arrived last week and I was so impressed with this month's contents I thought I'd share them with you in a blog post. I think a Glossybox would make a great gift for anyone who likes make up. Getting one in the post every month is a lovely little pick-me-up and it's something to look forward to, which is much needed when the weather is STILL so miserable.

The packaging has changed every month since I got my first – that one was Christmas themed, so it was red and green and super festive. January's box was a classic pale pink box with black tissue paper and ribbon, and this month – February – is based on Valentine's day so the box was black with hot pink and red lipstick kiss marks all over it. I don't like this month's packaging as much as the last two, but really, I don't care too much for what it arrives in, just as long as what's inside is good.

Each box comes with a card with information on each product, as well as a Glossybox magazine which I am never too fussed on – I'm not big on magazines of any kind though.

The first thing I laid eyes on were these black, feathery false eyelashes. I think the last time I wore a pair was in my first year of uni when my flatmates and I dressed up as Barbie and Ken for Carnage. These, however, actually look lovely, and the fact that they are handmade makes them a bit more special than your cheap falsies from Primark. I will save them for a special occasion like a wedding or a party because on a day-to-day basis, my eyelashes can do just fine with a coat or two of mascara.

I think Ciate nail polishes are quite expensive when bought individually, so getting a full sized bottle was impressive. What a stunning colour I got, as well. Apparently, there were a range of shades sent out in the boxes but I am happy with my rich dark pink shade.

A full size Maybelline lipstick in the shade honey beige was another winner. It's a gorgeous nude colour that I think would look stunning with a smokey eye. I have been wearing this to work quite a bit as it doesn't require much accuracy or effort in application.

When I first saw this bottle of purpley-pink shimmery liquid I thought it was shower gel but it appears to be a kind of body lotion. It looks luxuriously pearlescent, anyhow, and I will probably save this for when the sun decides to come out (if it ever does) to give my skin a pearly glow. Yum.

I am just about to run out of shampoo and conditioner so this was well timed. I have never heard of H2K before so I'm looking forward to trying it and seeing if I like it (along with the silver shampoo treatment I bought yesterday – trying to knock out the yellow tones in my hair).

And, quite possibly, my favourite chocolate, ever. Best monthly treat. Seriously. A gift that goes on for six months is a gift worth giving, (and receiving, obviously). You can choose from a one, three, six or twelve month subscription and I think it will be hard not to subscribe again when this gift comes to an end... It's only £10 a month, and even less when you order a six or twelve month plan, at £8.33 per month. If you're buying it as a gift you can pay for all the months upfront and then you don't have to worry about any money coming out of your account every month (probably a method I would prefer).

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? I'd love to know which ones you recommend. I have heard Birchbox is fantastic, Flavrbox too, and I know I would love a box of food and drink treats too... Should I go for another one or stick with my Glossybox gift for now? 


  1. I haven't subscribed to any of these boxes before but I'm seriously considering it now! Such a bargain, and the contents look amazing. I'm with you on the magazines - I used to read so many and love them to bits but I think blogging has kind of replaced print magazines. Thanks for being such a loyal commenter on my blog, it really means so much!
    lily x

    1. Aww Lily, your blog is brilliant which is why I always leave comments! I always have something to say about what you've posted :)
      The Glossybox really is such a lovely little treat to get in the post every month. I love it!
      N xo

  2. At this point I always feel so dissappointed that I unsubscribed as it looks like such a fantastic month, perhaps I may be coming back after this review!! Hope you're well sweet xxx


    1. I suppose there will always be good and bad months. I think they received some complaints about the January box because I got an email with a questionnaire about it, and then this month was AMAZING.
      Thank you my dear, hope you're good too xxx


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