26 September 2015

Parisian Patisseries

In the spirit of this week's Bake Off (don't pretend you're not into it) here's a belated post dedicated to the myriad of pastries and patisserie delights I consumed while in Paris in July. Hint: there were a lot of them.

First up were these macarons from a chocolate shop in Montmartre. I have completely forgotten the name of it but it was quite the hot spot for tourists. However, the quality of these macarons were good and I hand-picked a box to take home as a present to my mum and dad for just €16. The rose flavour caught my eye but the real winner was the passion fruit.

On my parents' recommendation I headed to Fauchon – famous for its beautifully decorated eclairs.  But these weren't just pleasing to the eye. I picked a chocolate eclair and it was the most decadent, delicious eclair I have ever eaten. Although smaller and skinnier than the ones you find in Greggs, this was filled with a rich, buttery, chocolate custard and topped with the shiniest glaze, with a sprinkling of gold because, well, it's Fauchon. Size did not matter and this was a rich little treat worth its hefty €6 price tag.
Jess had one of Fauchon's macarons – the strawberry flavour – and it was jammy, almondy deliciousness in the crispest shell. Emily from Emily's Recipes and Reviews is always making macarons – my favourite is the crunchie variety.

And as if we hadn't eaten enough, later that day we stopped at Pléiade de Saveurs in Montmartre, a beautiful little boulangerie. I chose the apple tart and it was wrapped for me in their paper in a pyramid to take away.

Have you ever eaten those biscuits that are like palmier? This pastry was as crisp, sweet and buttery as those, but topped with custard, cinnamon and sliced apples – it really doesn't get any better.
So, in case you hadn't already gathered, Paris is the place to go for pastries. On the recommendation of Poppy I also went into Paul's and got a giant chocolate macaron – which, as she said, did taste just like a brownie (but better). 

Do you have a favourite Parisian patisserie? I adored the luxuriousness of Fauchon, but nothing beats discovering an independent shop where everything is hand made with love.


  1. Oooh this all looks so delicious! I love macaroons, super cute and enough sweetness for me :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  2. This post seriously made my mouth water! I have such a sweet tooth as it is and that eclair looked incredible! And how great is bake off?? Nadiya to win!!

    Musings & More

  3. Oh my! I want to go to Paris right now and eat everything. Each sweet treat looks and sounds so delicious! Li x


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