11 September 2015

Breakfast at Coquelicot – Montmartre, Paris

You know how much I love breakfast – and on a sunny Saturday morning in Montmartre, where there's a boulangerie on every street corner, I love it even more. Yes, the air was permeated with that smell of freshly baked bread, and the sun-fuelled endorphins were sky high, but Coquelicot could have won me over whatever the weather.

I don't think I could ever give up bread, there's just too much to taste in one lifetime. I wonder what's the secret of French bread? It can't be beat, I know that much. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this anywhere in the UK, have you?

Coquelicot had a breakfast deal for about €5 which included a french baguette and a bowl of whatever hot drink you want – I opted for a black coffee and Jess picked the hot chocolate.

And they were actual bowls.

Like cereal bowls. Jess' hot chocolate was the frothiest, creamiest and chocolatiest we had both ever tasted and, size-wise, perfect.

The bread came with jams and butter – blackcurrant and apricot, so, so yum.

And as if the bread wasn't enough I ordered a cravat, too. This beautiful pastry was filled with custard and chocolate chips and lasted me the whole day... and the next day, too. 

We loved Coquelicot so much that we went back on Sunday. The service was friendly although not the speediest or most consistent. However, the food and drink were fantastic and the fact that the waitresses were happy to speak to us in English made the experience one worth returning for - I definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Montmartre. Find out more here.


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