25 October 2015

Honest Burgers – Oxford Circus, London

It seems the burger hype is here to stay and I am so okay with that. Despite being a little late to the party, I'm proud to say I finally got to visit Honest Burgers and can confirm it is indeed one of the best joints around.

When I go out I go all out. I picked Honest's Botanic Garden to drink – Blackwoods gin, apple, elderflower and lime. For £5 it was strong and refreshing, just what I look for in a cocktail. Could've done without the paper straw, however. 

Beef was definitely on the cards, and had I paid more attention to the menu I might have chosen the Tribute (American cheese is my weakness) but plain Beef was calling to me so that it was. It arrived within 15 minutes and, as the waitress promised, was cooked medium – delicious and juicy. All burgers come with rosemary salted fries and as well as the usual condiments that were on the table, I ordered some bacon ketchup. It tasted as amazing as it sounds.

The bun was soft, the patty thick, and the red onion relish the icing on the cake.

I had no problem polishing this off, and was especially pleased that the chips weren't too salty. The addition of the knife (presumably to cut the burger in half) wasn't necessary, but a nice touch nonetheless.

Have you been to Honest Burgers? For £8.50 a burger and chips in London is pretty good going and I'll definitely be going back for the Tribute! Find out more about Honest Burgers here.



  1. This looks so good! I've never been to Honest Burgers but I think next time I find myself in central London I might have to pay them a visit!

    Megan | Lazy Thoughts

  2. looks so good x

  3. *___* I'm so happy to be in London this december again and we are looking for some good Burger shops. Maybe I'll take a look inside this one :) Do you know Kua' Aina at Carnaby Street/Foubert's Place? This one is my favorite in London so far!

    Love from Germany ♥


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