2 November 2015

Autumn in Bristol

Since moving to Bristol, weekends have become that bit more special. This is my kind of city: roads lined with trees slowly shedding their amber leaves, the fading feeling of newness, the beginning of belonging. A city which I have always been drawn to, one in which I am establishing friendships and a home.
Em was my model last Sunday. The night before we dip dyed her hair and I am so impressed with the result – it blended well and looks so natural. 
What a beautiful muse for my annual autumn post. Where's your favourite spot for crunchy leaves and colourful trees? Check out my post on autumn from last year – set in stunning Cheltenham – here!



  1. Bristol is a beautiful city - I'm going to be sad when I leave!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  2. Lovely pictures! Looks like a nice city :)

    Love from Germany ♥


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