22 June 2014

Word of the Week

It has been too long since I wrote a word of the week post. I have an ever-growing list of words in a note on my phone, and I haven't written about any of them in weeks. As much as I love to be busy, I definitely believe a three day weekend rule should be implemented so I can do more of what I love – writing this blog.

Anyway, it's Sunday morning and my body clock has told me it's time to wake up, despite having had six hours of sleep, and five the night before. I'll have a nap later, in the hammock, in the sunshine... :)
But for now, I have a word to share with you. 

In my head, I cannot figure out how to say this word. It comes out slowly when I try to say it – there's so much going on there, and I've probably got the pronunciation all wrong. But it's a word I like to look at, and reading the definition, has the potential to be used every day. So why don't I see or hear it very often?

Have you got a word of the week? What do you think of indefatigable – too much of a tongue twister or a word we should try and incorporate into every day conversation?

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  1. i think it's a great word! but definitely a bit of a tongue twister. E is reading War and Peace at the moment, and keeps throwing these obscure words into our conversations just to see if I can guess what they mean. it's quite entertaining ;) x


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